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Cleaning Breast Pump Parts Spectra

Keep a second set of breast pump parts on hand so you don't have to clean them every time you want to pump. There are a few different methods you can use to sterilise your breast pump parts.

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Spectra s1+ breast pump (click here) if you are looking for just parts without the main pump unit and milk bottles, you will need the following:

Cleaning breast pump parts spectra. It will be easier for you to follow the cleaning guide shown above. Let it dry completely and then keep it with the other parts of the breast pump so the pump is easy to put together as needed. If you can’t follow the cdc guidelines, then you should do the best that you can.

Infection is extremely rare, but it can happen. Pumping breast milk can be a pain—all the hooking up, the labeling and storing, not to mention the cleanup. Does this include the valve, membrane, bottle cap and cap?

It has either a dial or buttons so you can adjust the speed and suction of the pump. Rechargeable, discreet, and weighing only 3lbs, the s1 makes pumping on the go a more natural part of the nursing process. There are 3 main methods for the breast pump part sterilization namely:

Store the tubing with the other pump parts once it has dried completely. It has a motor to create a gentle vacuum and suctioning power to express milk. 2 x backflow protector & membrane (new version) 2 x valve

The fastest method to clean breast pump parts. For s1+ pump, you can purchase the full pump set here: I'm not sure if those parts can withstand the boiling water.

We recommend the boiling water method. And until your baby is 3. Electrical units, which hold the motor and batteries, should be wiped down with a clean paper towel or soft cloth after each use.

Cleaning the electrical unit for a powered breast pump. But slacking off on cleaning your pump parts could have dangerous consequences, as. One nice thing about the spectra parts is that they are pretty much all the same for the s1, s2, spectra 9, dew 350 and the m1.

Rinse the parts under running water, or by submerging these parts into a separate basin. Related categories see all categories Sanitizing spectra s1 and s2 breast pump published december 27, 2016 brought to you by spectra.

You do not need to sterilise the tubing because the spectra backflow protector blocks breastmilk from ever being able to get into the tubing. 2 x wide neck breast shield (select your own preferred size) 2 x tubing; Keeping the parts of your pump clean is critical, because germs can grow quickly in breast milk or breast milk residue that remains on pump parts.

Don’t dry your pump parts with a previously used dish towel that can carry germs. I'm trying to assemble my spectra s2 breast pump, and it says to boil all parts of the breast shield kit except the tubing for 5 min. Bring the water to a rolling boil.using kitchen tongs, put the breast pump parts in the boiling water and let them soak for 5 to 10 mins as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Cleaning breast pump parts at the workplace. Before you use your breast pump for the first time, sterilise all parts except for the tubing and obviously the pump motor. Simply clean your parts (soap and warm water) after each use.

Here’s what you need to know about washing and sterilising breast pump parts. After a while parts will degrade, and mums may notice a decrease in milk output and worry about their supply. It contains no harsh chemicals, fumes, bleach, dyes, or alcohol, making it completely safe for mom and baby.

All spectra pumps feature a closed system, which creates a physical barrier between breast milk and the pump for a completely sanitary pumping session. There are a few different methods for washing and cleaning breast pump parts and many mamas do a combination of methods. Fill it with plenty of water to fully saturate the parts and leave plenty of room for a rolling boil.

The cdc has updated guidelines for cleaning your breast pump and breast pump parts. This one goes out to those spectra breast pump users out there. Here is a quick rundown of the common spectra pump parts:

If you can follow the cdc guidelines, then you should. Not replacing parts regularly will make the pump motor work harder, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the pump, and also risking. For example, the tubing on my medela and spectra pumps could not be boiled or put into the microwavable steam bags.

I have not seen any evidence that it is safer to switch to formula if you can’t clean your breast pump parts as described in the guideline. Spectra s1plus and s2plus breast pumps are an extremely popular option with moms for their efficient performance, strong suction, and super quiet motor. Watch instructions on sanitizing spectra s1 and s2 breast pump before the first use and after each use.

It’s when you have to return to work that cleaning breast pump parts requires a more mindful strategy. You can also use the dishwasher. An electric breast pump has a few parts that are different from a manual pump:

Do not store the tubing while it is still wet, as this can allow bacteria and mold to form. The dew 350 has a few parts that differ but those are noted. Some parts of the pump require replacing on a regular basis to maintain your pump in peak condition.

Your dishwasher is a perfectly acceptable way to clean your breast pump unless the product manufacturer warns against it. Scrub the pump parts with a dedicated pump brush. Select a pot large enough to fit all the parts without them rubbing together, such as a stock pot.

When it’s time to buy a breast pump, one important thing to know is that you’ll need to wash your breast pump accessories regularly. Pumping your milk is one way to provide breast milk to your baby. Cleaning breast pump parts at work.

Breast pump kit clean providing breast milk is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health and development. If your employer has provided a lactation room complete with a sink and storage space, you are luckier than most.

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