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Gm Top Engine Cleaner Spray

Two bottles sitting on my shelf right now. Fuel and engine cleaners/additives for cars, trucks & suvs 20% off orders over $100* + free ground shipping**

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They also offer a intake cleaner that uses a 30 straw to inject a very mild cleaner into the intake while the engine is off.

Gm top engine cleaner spray. Allow 6 to 8 weeks from promotion end date for delivery of visa prepaid card. When doing an engine carbon deposits cleaning procedure, both products are much better than seafoam in my opinion. The kinder and gentler new stuff works ok for its purpose but maybe not so good on barrel carbon.

This step would only need to be done on the initial cleaning. They discontinued that product and replaced it with upper engine & fuel injection cleaner, which i suspect is not the same formula. Sea foam spray top engine cleaner & lube works through an engine’s upper intake to clean harmful deposits from valves and chamber areas.

Top engine cleaner (metal pop top cans) for quite a while. Simple green crystal industrial degreaser (model 19128) I used the original g.m.

Add the top engine cleaner to all cylinders and let it sit for at least 2 hours but not longer than 3 hours. You can also pour it down the carb of a running engine, slowly at first, then fast enough to stall the engine. I tossed all the new and old i had, near 20 containers worth figuring i would not.

Carb cleaners are an essential item when it comes to vehicle maintenance.whether you need a motorcycle carb cleaner, a carb cleaner spray, or a simple small engine carburetor cleaner, we’ve developed a list of the top products available.check out our list below to see what we really love about the products and what sets them apart from all the others available. Bg 44k fuel system cleaner. It has been specifically designed to work with gasoline engines, and for the last forty years, it has provided motorists with some of the best cleaning power that money can buy.

The active ingredient was a salt that broke down the carbon. The gm top engine cleaner in the aerosol can ( gm #12345089 ) is still relatively easy to come by at gm dealer parts depts. Acdelco top engine cleaner is effective in cleaning fuel injectors, intake manifolds, intake and exhaust valves, pistons, heads, and combustion chambers.

With the engine running, and your hand on the throttle lever, start spraying into the intake. Visa prepaid card will be issued in the business name. I've used the spray can, though many others have used the liquid version.

That's not the only way to use it. Gm upper engine and fuel injector cleaner is a low voc compliant formulation that delivers immediate engine deposit cleaning. As of january 2015, this product is for sale in all states.

Top 10 best engine coolants and why you need them. Crank the engine over by hand or starter. I actually like it better than the liquid can.

Then let it soak for as long as you have time for. Most of them will work on any type. All fuel injector cleaners are not created equally.

Buy the right fuel injector cleaner for your engine: Visit your my gm partner perks dashboard or see for complete details, eligible parts, and rebate form, which must be postmarked by 1/15/21. How to clean engine carbon deposits engine carbon deposits cleaning procedure buy a top engine cleaning product like gm/ac delco upper engine and fuel injector cleaner and a bottle of chevron techron fuel injector cleaner.

Once the can is empty, rev the engine from idle to about 3,000 rpm (do not exceed 3,500!). This is by far one of the best fuel injection cleaners on the market right now. My solution was to remove the upper ic, and spray the cleaner directly into the throttle body.

Top 10 best engine degreasers. Join date 25 oct 2014 location nottinghamshire, england posts 130 saab(s) 2001 93 2.0ltr hot aero coupe & 2011 1.9ttid aero saloon Gm top end cleaner is pretty simple, suck it in while the engine is running, let it sit in the combustion chamber for some time, then burn it all off.

You can just leave the outlet of your turbo open for this, just be careful not to drop anything in there. If you have a carbon issue, shooters choice black powder gel does a nice job. Top 5 best fuel injector cleaner reviews 1.

Spray crc gdi ivd® intake valve & turbo cleaner directly into the throttle body in short bursts. Does anyone have a gm part # for their old/original gm top engine cleaner (liquid form not aerosol). Critically important for gdi intake valves.

Let the engine idle for 1 minute, and then the turn it off. It is my understanding that gm coats the inside of the composite intake with a very slick surface and some of the more aggressive intake cleaners can work so well, they remove some or all of this coating. Government and municipal fleets are excluded.

The old top engine cleaner, that i used for many years as a gm tech, was toxic, i was told it can give you kidney, liver, nervous system issues and drain bramage. A shop vacuum cleaner will also work if you have a small hose extension that will reach into tight spaces. There are 2 versions of the cleaner, spray, and liquid in a can.

Do not add the upper engine cleaner to the tank. You have to pull the plugs on warm engine, rotate the engine so no pistons are tdc. Order your fuel and engine cleaners/additives online at

Use engine cleaner spray the engine cleaner on the greasy engine.

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